March 12, 2010

2nd Week of Architecture

Kind of fast that it's already the 2nd week of my university life. Every minute is running like in the stadium. Assignments r keep on adding on the workload. But they say this is consider nothing compare to 2 sem onwards.
For this week, 2 assigments had already be passed up, there are 4 sketches on fridayn 'MY ROOM' building materials plan on tuesday.

'My ROOM' Assigment for my Group A class. 2nd pic - black board - that's mine

During the pass-up-day, i did saw many nice works, drawings which it's kinda advance for me. They know better technics of shadowing n tonning than me. Sometimes it makes me to feel kinda tiny in the class. Oh well, i need to work really hard.
This week is kinda slack for me. Dont know what the reason is, but just keep on procastinate work . Damn lazy. haha. Did sketches before the nite of passing up, n dont have good sleep either. Next day was overslept (actually it's my alarm problem).. luckily that i didnt get punished haha.
Overall, i think Design Comm is the favor subject for me so far. I like the class which full of drawings. haha.. I kinda hate Design Studio.. it's abit not-my-style haha.. anywhere, life is getting busy over here.. I need a stronger soul now to be able to cope the future challenges

Slacking again ><..

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