March 28, 2010

4th Week of Architorture

Hi guys..
This week has been a tough week in the sense of assignment, people, etc...
Yet i fall sick on wednesday n miss the class on monday for the check up with Dr.Madjumder

Last friday was our submission of 10 sketches and 4 hatching which is really.. TORTURING haha! Thought of finished everything on thursday morning n start relaxing in the library.. THen Azam showed up n killed my mood XD

im like.... OOOHHH MY GOD!! Have to redo everything which is time consuming, really potong steam lo!!!! No choice tonite will be the sleepless nite.
Yea right guess what.. spent the whole nite until 5am on the morning to finish it. Yvonne Ng the aka mama came to my place arround 3 till 8pm n go together. We ordered McD for dinner haha.. Actually with the accompany of frens while doing work is quite efficient. Then the nite continues when Deric came to my place n do until the next day. Was asking Hazeryl to join together but he didn showed up.
On Friday my eyes r not going to open in full.. haha.. really hard to stand it. After submited the work, once again. A big 'phew'..
Everyone is kinda happy that we make it thru.. haha..
So we went pool n singk although we r damn tired.. surprising found out Deric really can sing well haha.. his vocal is good. Can sing quite high compared to me. New singk kaki now. haha

Sorry guys kinda emo now.. for whatsoever reoson there is something happened today. I think alot of how to cope the problem..
n now is night.. u know right.. ppl easily get emotional n think alot of stuff..
so this is post is kinda shorten already..

good nite guys..

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