March 10, 2010


yeap finally gotten my time to watch this fascinating movie- Alice in Wonderland 2010 in 3D by Tom Burton. I expect it to be fancy colourful, interesting storyline n characters, n u know what, it was all there. Even for me, who r not really knw the whole story of ALice before this, it's just so cool.
Costum, props background, graphics, everything is well done. For me it is better than Ice Age 3. Really

Yaw, that r few characters in thie movie

from left:
Alice by Mia Wasikowska,
Hatter by Johnny Depp,
Red Heart Queen by Helena Bonham Carter,
and White Queen by Anne Hathaway

However, the most attractive for me, the Cheshire Cat! I love it so much :D
cute-chubby-greenbig eyes-24 7 smiling- vapourise creature!

In case u guys wanna know the outline:
Theres a girl from London, who was 1st went to place called Wonderland when she was a child. N she thought it was nothing but a dream. But yet, on the day when she is being engaged, the rabbit pop-up n lead her to the wonderland again. She thought she was dreaming but it's actually not. Story is getting exciting when she want to beat the Red Heart Queen n kill the monster....

U guys should really watch it. hehe. It is a success one. I think it's the best fairy tale movie by disney so far! :) Waiting up another movie.. the Dragon story haha.. well im not so fancy bout Sherk..

Use this in case u wanna see the trailer, Enjoy!

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