March 18, 2010


Sorry guys was procastinating posts.. i was just not in the mood tonite to post stuff.. promise will be doing it in ipoh this weekend.

I was at my previous blog just now. n i was reading some post last time.
This shows up n it seems to be repeating now.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008
Tittle: YOU R SO unforgetable
This days.. i think i can be a better man than before .. ALMOST.

At least i wont be thinking of how to get your understanding and caring. THe days without u.. i was so relaxing than bfore.. which days i cant either noe what im actually doing .. for nothing..

NObody will noe who the hell is YOU. Daily Torns.
Sincerely, i m still keeping u in my heart anytime anywhere .. whenever i was stick to things about love. when i was listening love songs, watching drama, reading love articles, u will appear in my heart, the first thing that appear .. in my brain.
Dunno y. Mayb i m still waiting to have a chance to get on u. Sound silly. sound fragile. but.. how? when?
Even isit possible is still a big question mark.

YOU. i need courage n sacrifies to tell you im actually LIKE YOU!
cant u feel it since i noe u?
or u just ignore me like a very very very common fren.



I cannot forget u.. i tried .. i tried very hard.
everytime i saw ur pic, i heard yr name from ppl, i meet u accidentally..




hope u never noe...

u got such a big admirer.
dont worry,

i will let the time to wash me away from u.

It ends here. True i had that feeling back. Should i just put afford to forget u one more time?
I was such a jerk > <

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