March 22, 2010


This is just like any freaking monday in Ipoh. It's kinda pack day though.

Well, was planned to go out arround 11am. Morning woke up like 7am to fetch my bro to school. N that was the one making me sleepy like hell. Though sunday nite slept arround 1am. Woke up today morning like two times, one for bro at 7 and another one for sis at 9am. Fetching her to work.
Then continue my sleep until 11.45pm. Ching smsed me n we made a time 12.45pm for bowling. WE both late n reach like 1.15pm. Initialy each of us bought 2games, n he played 1n a half then ciao dy. WTF.. i played 4th n a half game then. added one later on.
Was like long time never play dy. My thumb is kinda pain now. game was satisfied accept for the 1st game. is like warming up game. Haha.
After that, was going to Fairpark for check up. Dr.Majumder consulted me n she said it's fine now. Just take time to fully recovered. Yea im waiting that day to come asap. Was funny that i didnt bring enough of money there. So gonna go ATM nearby n there go back. Cos didnt expect this time exceeding 300 hundred.
Well enjoyed my Java CHip Grande this noon. Missing my Green Tea Cream XD
Just now my family is going Yun Seng Gok, some place like a buddhist place for ppl to go n make amulet. So i got mine, like renewing n get protection.
I feel great to go places like this.

today is some kind of mixing feeling day. I made random feeling for myself. For sure, DT, frens n family. Really emotional guy right? i know i know.. haha
Well tomorow morning will be leaving Ipoh dy. HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORK, sigh.. hope i can leave my feeling here. Hehe. gtg sleep now. ciao guys &.&

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