March 21, 2010

3rd Week Already!

Anyeong haseyo

it's not 1st;
aint 2nd;
but 3rd week in PJS! (petaling jaya selatan)

Just finished up the 3rd week of architecture. This week is fulled with happenings and the 1st assignment of studio had been presented. K lets talk bout the project with u guys now :)

Students r required to create certain 3-dimension surface that reflects ur character n personality. Each of us have to wear it n do a verbal presentation on last wednesday.
So thats my skin. How it looks? Kinda hard, predictable, defensive?
Well it takes me 2weeks to do it. Every small card is kinda time consuming for cutting folding n so on. I made a 3D heart shape for the back to reflects that im friendly n kind. HAHA.. although i look cool but im still humble kind of peep. N in front, i made something with different sizes of paper n joined them together. THis shows about my emotional that can be blend n obviously shown to ppl.
THE MOST DIFFICULT thing to do is to make the skin without glue, staple n string to join them together. This is kinda challenging. Have to make it strong, not easily break n can wear it on ur body. Mine is kinda fragile when comes to wearing part. I couldnt twist it nicely cos once i did that the paper will become soft n whole thing will really fall down..
Evertyhing kinda went well la. Just that when im wearing my skin on that day of presentation. it kinda broke abit.. looks like cacat heart dy. Overall, the whole presentation is ok.
Well thats all bout the studio 1st assignment. Friday even worse. The lecturer gave us 2 assignment on the same damn day. 2hours lecture, 1 assignment that consists of 6 sight sketching, n another one is to do a board showing different tecnics of hatching. OH MAN>< Heavy workload isnt it? 1st SEM only !! 1st SEM!!!
So this weekend back to Ipoh for resting n check up with Dr.Majumder. Gonna missed Monday class oso.. Oh well... sometimes felt really exhausting of sketches..

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