March 18, 2010


Delayed Post
Friday 11th march

It's Friday n gonna meet up the animal at noon! Morning session was jumbled up with Design Comm, hatching, practicing drawing skills n stuff. The lecturer gave a photostated sample to each one of us to follow n try drawing it out. It was all done by 12pm.
Went back home after the class n feel kinda tired. Rest awhile n prepare for outing. It was long time ago since we had our outing last time in k session. Meeting Wenda at LCS about 2.10pm. He is always kind to be my driver haha. We're heading to The Gardens for movie at 3pm.. We always have a decision problem.. ended up watching UP IN THE AIR.

Well this is my 1st time knowing about Signature thingy. Which is, different from any other class of cinema, Signature Gardens GSC seems to be higher class abit, of course the ticket price oso higher. RM15 for student.. OK ok la.
Funny thing is that Wenda told his fren Pheobe that the movie is cancelled, but then the girl came cos she didnt receive wenda's word in msn. So gonna have 2in1 outing again which im not really like. But luckily it's still fine. Fishy, 'as usual' late for the movie n we missed the intro part. :(

The seats of the cinema. Can lie down n sleep haha. damn comfortable. " i wonder why it must be couple seat? "

Glowing Stick haha to show ur theatre room. Kinda like the design

Entrance of the cinema + cafe

It was really a nice place to go with UR SOULMATE. NO doubt for that. but im good with my animal fren+ the wild animal. haha.

Well this is sort of mixing feelings movie. Sometimes u found it sad, despressing when they really so meant to say "Unfortunately ur position is no longer available". Walao wei if i experience this. I will like the man who lost everything n start crying. Sometimes u found hopes. As in like when George found someone he really wanna be with, n he sacrifies his speech his flight evithing to look for the lady. But ended up, really super sad thing to talk about. U guys should go n watch it.

Outing continues with Baskin Robin to cold up our brain after the mixing feeling thing. I tried Tiramisu Ice cream n it's kinda too sweet for me. I still prefer Choco Mint although it kills sperm XD

After healing brain cells. we window shopping in midvalley n gardens.. Pheobe left earlier. Fish n Penguin keep talking about Branded stuff that i dunno. sort of learn from them haha. Fish wanna buy a new laptop n still doing research.

About 7pm we r planing to have dinner to avoid the traffic jam in federal. We went to Sushi Zanmai. Really, WTF. have to queue like an hour to get the table. Walao~~ Really sienZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

Keep seeing this when queueing ><

Finally it's our turn! Fishy was always busy with telephone went into borders. Me n Wenda start ordering n seriously, our feet pain wei.. We ordered quite alot of food actually. haha. Soft shell crab, shashimi, beef soup, my katsu don, sushi roll, n the desert of green tea+ red bean ice cream

Called up for the day after the dinner. Wenda fetch me back n stuck in the jam in federal. Really a nice outing with them. It was like we re still doing alevel that kinda feeling n hope that we will always be budd.. well then... they're gonna leave msia very soon "/

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