March 06, 2010


Delayed post

Well, another week to be in Ipoh. This week im more like going outside with frens. Friday was yumcha with Loon n WCC, n for Saturday, I watched True Legend at JJ with Kozue, Loon and WCC. The movie is nice. Nothing but just to do some cam-whore in my room for the MY ROOM assignment.. But just that, sometimes right, when u dont have the feeling to do it, u wont be doing it. haha..
Thats like how a real artist behaves right? Feel like doing another sketching assignment. So just doing this for the whole night..

Spent whole nite doing sketches of the Buj Arab Hotel, the 7 stars hotel located at Dubai. I like the building alot. It's aint easy to draw it either. No rulers for straight lines. hehe

'Salty vege soup' consisting salty vege, taufu, tomato, meat, bones, etc.. Delicious dish from my mum for dinner. It's freaking nice!! Has been years she didnt cook it. The best damn soup i had ever can drink.

Was going back to Petaling Jaya with the help from Jisan sisters.. hehe.. Thanks for the car pooling and Jiteeng is kinda pro. She can reached KL in 1n a half hour time. damn fast :D


=Purple TeenG= said...

LOL !! just read all your post...
nice soup...
lol !!
i paiseh one you write like that.. hahaha

[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

haha dont be shy haha~
U r really good in driving :)

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