August 07, 2010


Yea i have finally watched it haha! Nowadays people keep talking about this movie as well as FLUFFY here n there. At last i asked Ms.GT aka JBI to go for an outing! Wohoo has been years we were not hanging out and now here we are! Hope her illness of the nodes can be cure soonest! Well heres my review:

For a cartoon sake, it's really innovative to have that kind of stories which is, dramatic, no more fairytale like, fresh idea and the creativity of how to link a genius thief with orphans. IT'S COOL really.
The story is about thieves with technologies, desperate people to steal something adnormal: Stealing Great Pyramid of Giza is insane lol!
The precious msg to bring out from the movie is the love of family. U could find out how the loves one treassure you and stuff. After all, this is really an interesting piece to watch for a great laugh n relaxation!
My rating: 4/5

Thats something really cute inside: The Minions
they r actually workers that created by the scientist. Each of them got their own way of communicate with some weird language. Some with one eye and some with two.

The little cute girl Agnes played by actress Elsie Fisher
Thats Agnes the famous FLUFFY THINGY which everyone keep acting like her. "ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE" and oso the ANNOYING part. She is really adorable! I would like to have a sister like her if i could. HAHA!

Well, talking about the 3D effect, it's better than the movie i've watched. Seems like the techno is getting better.
For those who havent watch, watch it!

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