August 20, 2010


Sometimes going back ipoh is just so tiring. Plus im now staying in the hostel which is abit far from the train ticket booth and took me hours to wait the bus and stuck in the jam, although it's just a short distance journey.

Yet yesterday i started waiting the bus from 6pm n seems like it just left. Which was written on the schedule at 6pm but my fren said the bus left like 5.50pm. I was wonder why the people is so sick. Yea u guess it, it's an hour interval which means i have to wait until 7.
Nvm i went library to spend the time. This time i purposely went down 10mins earlier to see the situation there. Who knows i was wrong again becos the bus arrived at 7.15pm. GUESS WHAT KIND OF FEELING I HAD THAT TIME.

Next dropped off at subang ktm station to buy ticket for tmr's balik kampung. Checked the time it was already 7.40pm. Again, heart-attack taken place that the counter was closed from 7.15 to 8.00pm due to Buka Puasa meal. OMG i m getting mad.
OK FINE! I wait for another 20mins.
Story started with an Indian woman. She was knocking the ticket booth to get someone help for something. Firstly i thought she was urgent to buy ticket. She keep trying trying n WTF nobody was actually respond to her. I took a peep inside the booth there was 2 malay ladies and 1 malay guy was chatted so syokly n ignore her request. At that time i was so angry why BUKA PUASA can be so HEARTLESS that why u can't just answered her for like 5mins to see what happened.
Stories continue with the manager of the station came out after another malay guy was knocking the door again. The indian woman went off n came back again. UNexpectingly they are not asking for tickets but asking for help. They saw a woman fainted on the other side of the station there which they assumed she was fainted cos of hunger. No one from the station has actually concerned bout this and they just continue their food. Finally the manager SLOWLY walked to the woman n help her. if not bad things might happened. N u know what? Those ppl in the food still dont care n makan makan makan like in a vacuum space like tat.

So thats the story that i learned from KTM. Frankly KTM reputation is getting into black hole. The booth at last was start operationg again at 8.10pm n luckily i managed to get my ticket. But the malay lady expression is like 2months didnt get salary like tat. n she took 5mins to print the ticket for me. See so inefficient. i WONDER..

Aniway thank God that i have at least get it done. And oso to grab some books from Subang library and get my laundries baju back. The service they provide in subang is really good. I mean DOBI la. proper folded and it's cheap.

Highly recomended laundry services for those who stays taylors hostel or nearby subang :)

After all the tiring things at last i get to treat my self with nice food. i went to Noodle Station which is just feel shops away from the Dobi. I had curry springy noodles as usual n ice mocha

It's my recommendation for you if u like noodles or curry. The noodle is so bouncy and the curry is creamy. love it :) It's located at SS15 Subang Jaya (nearby Ayam Penyet)

After all, at least all my task that i planned to do are completed. Just that it's so freaking inconvenient to take bus n taxi here n there, plus the expensive rate they charged.
Hmm.. Another tiring day.. ready for a oil burning night :/

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