August 19, 2010


Well, here's something i would proud to share with u guys.
Something which i had achieved satisfaction from assigment...

Last wednesday was the final presentation of the 1st assignment of studio2, which a group of 2 have to make a visceral artwork with tactiles to demonstrate the site we visited on Genting. My groupmate, Gabrielle had joined me for the project

Canvas board

Something that frighten me up is to prepare something on A1 size. man it was kinda huge n frankly i never did it before. Plus we r required to use canvas board(something like cloth) which oil paint or acrylic paint are required. We're like, omg.. We did alot of research on how to paint n what preparation we need to do to produce a nice artwork. Probably google alot lol


Well ive thought of ideas of apple on the street, dancing ballet on the street, rich man with leather and human face abstract. We r confused since all 3 lecturers gave different approaches to us. So we ended up with the apple idea. Hehe
So we further develop our ideas filled up with recycling issue etc. Thanks Gabrielle for the idea of trashes stick on the board to make it stands out.

Well we spent about a day long to finish up everything. We spent about Rm45 each for everthing including Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, etc.
Tough part of the painting is to match everything up since we kinda separated the art into two section at first. and most depressing is the apple itself. I had painted more than 5 layers to fix the apple since some parts i had ugly-fy it haha. Well luckily its fixed if not we r gonna redo everything :/

Finally we had managed to finish everything on tuesday nite. We r satisfied and gonna hit the target we set. Last step is to prepare description and packaging.
Ohyea we managed to name the artwork as A LOST APPLE :)

He is Roco. My gay dog fren in Gabrielle house. haha. he do likes me alot. same goes to me :)

At last we presented our work to lecturers and thankfully they like it. COmpliments from them do really encouraged me to go further. Thanks for everything like tat to make me a good start of Semester 2. Although this Apple-artwork is not so outstanding but still it gave me alot of confidence to handle stress.
Ok, lets move on Tuck!

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