August 05, 2010


Something about food to share here. Well there r so many people keep asking about WHATS FOOD U GUYS CAN GET IN COLLEGE? Well i would answer if u ask for NICE FOOD, it simply speechless about it. But somehow, new stalls are set up time to time. The newest must-try which i think is nice are DON DON SUSHI and SMILEY DONUTS.

Smiley Donuts is actually something like the ordinary donut, but in a mini form with the diameter of 5cm and u can dunk it with white chocolate, chocolate or strawberry sauce. There is oso the typical sugar powder topping if u want it. I think it's nice if u eat it with a cup of coffee. Trust me it's good. The cheapest u can get is Rm2.50 for 5 mini donuts.

With white chocolate

Sorry the pics are sucks. thanks to the lousy resolution of my camera :(

People here always headache about their dinner since no shops are actually opened. Well i got Jess to eat with me in SS15 tonight.
It's a great day to meet with her, Jessica Shim aka my jiejie in kl. She's the one who help me last year, when my wallet lost and she took me to police station and make report.Our relationship is kinda hard to describe cos, we were long lost fren ever since she graduated and left samtet choir. Her age is just the same as my eldest sis. I treasured her as she is really a good person, and simply a helpful lovely fren u could ever get.I knew her when i was just a little kid like form2 and she was lower6, and it's like brother like sis.Thats why, im treating her like my jiejie, a kawaii-ne jiejie haha!

(grabbed from her fb wan)
thats her! She is so pretty right? kekekeke~ Sorry she is not available dy! XP

Thats our outing in Neway last year.
*she looks abit tired cos it's after-work outing* pitty eh

So we had our dinner at AsiaCafe. She came abit late due to the heavy traffic. She keep apologize to me about that but actually im alright. Haha. Yea her sister was joining us too. I had my as-usual Nasilemak there and she ordered fried oyster and xiu-long-bao for us. Ended up with big fat tummy!
Still, we r going Snowflake no matter how full were we. HAHA! Yea it's been sometime that i didnt go there, n still the shop is so crowded. What surprised me that the price there are crazy now. The taroball series is now RM6.00 which previously RM4.50
I KNOW> BUSINESS is about everything with money. It's actually normal cos the demand went up, sure the price will rose. *get ur PED clear* wuahahaha

Still the thumbs up watery dessert. The taroballs, the wheatgrass jelly, and the milk.
Well after that she sent me back to hostel.

Story end. *craving the next outing together with india chaw*

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