August 08, 2010


Well it's been 5years back for me to visit Genting Highlands. Last Sunday the school had this site-visit for us to mushroom park of the hill. It's freaking sad that i've finally get to visit Genting but it's not gonna be theme park and stuff. Wat la :X
Well is a study trip anyway. Thats why no entertainment at all but assignment-oriented.
Well we have two groups here in sem2, group A n B. Group B went to Taiping Zoo and Gua Tempurung, whereas we r going Genting. it's a nice trip though. I love the breeze and the weather there. This trip is actually a walk of 6km go and back to an abandoned site for our design studio assignments. IT'S A GREAT MORNING WALK for us and really it's nice.
That place that we were walking to its an abandoned building, something like apartment which is half way done. Along the way, there are greeny trees plants, rocks, small waterfall, some scary abandoned resort which in red color, and thats it. But the view there is gorgeous, hills and rainforest.Wao, u will feel that ur'e actually blend with nature haha. And oso we saw some unexpected stuff like single shoe, bra and chemical thingy. So random wei

Well it took us an hour to reach there. Its tiring but fun.
And we ate our lunch there. and its so like each of us have our lunch box haha. like having picnic there.
We documented the place with pics. We r gonna produce three assignments at the same site. I think im gonna revisit the place sooner or later.

IT'S FUN TRIP niway. just that, there is UNEXPECTED SUNBURN after we came back! Omg who will gonna expect that in Genting? It's scary.haha. Next time have to be aware of it dy XP.
Oyea. it's only a RM5 trip. HAHA!

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