August 14, 2010


Something nice im about to share here. Although its abit long time ago dy but i just discovered it lol. Something that caught my attention so sharply. Here it is the Tribute of Light in New York.

On March 11, 2002, six months to the day after the attacks on the World Trade Center, two great beams of light rose from Lower Manhattan and filled the night sky to honor the lives lost on Sep 11, to recognize the heroic rescue efforts, and to reclaim the city's skyline. This ethereal and temporary memorial became a profound symbol of strength, hope, and resiliency for millions of people around the world.
-adapted from Creative Time: The Book 33 years of public art in new york city

Here so pics for it:

Thats how they created it

I love this so much seriously. It stands out so much yet there's a hidden message

My review:
Simply shows redemption and rebirth. It's dramatically represents every lost soul frm the disaster and the lights that could have send each of them to the heaven. I thought i could have see this only in movie but surprisely they have done this so long ago. I love the way the designers pick the simple way to create such a gigantic art.
creative team:
Julian Laverdiere & Paul Myoda
AR John Bennett & AR Gustavo Bonevardi
AR Richard Nash Gould
Paul Maranthz

That's how people expressed their feelings with arts.
Hope you like it too.

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