August 04, 2010


Harlo bloggie! Im back in university!
Time flies man.. the wonderful sembreak has ended. Everything's gonna back on track which means, stress pressure workload everything is soon coming back to kiss me.

Yea right, im ready for it now. Since it's the 1st week of the sem, im freaking free now which is wow.. i love it haha. Like having honeymoon.
Nothing much special though. This sem is expected to be tougher. there r 5 subjects now which previously 4. Including Design Studio 2, Culture history 2, Building Construction, Environment Design and Computer Application. Each of them had packly fulfilled all my weekdays. Which means none of a day r free. Gosh it seems abit pack. Hopefully i can handle it just like last time.

Well i wasnt proud to announce my sem1 results to u guys. Frankly i didnt do it well. my CGPA is lower than 3. what u think? Last nite i met JeeYeong coincidently in Giant Hypermart. We chat awhile n he asked about my cgpa. He stated, u will have to top up ur cgpa dy. Its not satisfied enough. which means, i need to work harder! Firstly i thought my score is ok since most of my classmates got the same score but act is not. Shit isit really that hard to get high marks in architecture?
I had a bulb lighted up for that. Really. I think he is right, i need to get myself rage up! N fight like a beast. Sem2,i m gona dominate u.

Well something to share up.. this the fancy mouse that i have bought in digital centre Sunway Pyramid last nite. The shape n the skin sharply attracted me once i spotted it. Its so called 3D optical mouse *i dunno why*

Cool isnt it? It cost me RM40. bargained from RM49, buahaha.
Go get urself one if u want, there r white colour available with different patterns. It's abit classy dont u think so? :P

Another one is the spec that i bought recently in Ipoh. This was actually a bonus for me. I wasnt planned to get one but unfortunately i left my spec in kl. which means everyday contact lens in ipoh. WTF right? Thats the reason im getting myself another spec. i know its lame reason haha. I just freak out to back kl just for the spec.
Really I like it so much. especially the texture and the colour.
Its aint any branded stuff!! XP (for those ppl that like to tease me)
kk this is when it fixed on me! See it's perfect XD!

Tell me if u wanna get one for urself, the shop is located at Ipoh Jaya, Perak.


Ivan Ng 黄昱渊 said...

i want babeh! tell me which shop!?
berapa satu ni

TuCK said...

u mean the spec or the mouse??!
The spec, the plastic cost rm120 and the lens minimum rm50

Ivan Ng 黄昱渊 said...

170 damn cheap wei
i don't care the brand
i wanna get a good bargain
where's the precise location of the shop?

TuCK said...

Is the same row of shops with Billion in Ipoh Jaya.Somwhere in the middle..

Yea call me if cant find it yea :)

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