August 04, 2010


This post is specially dedicated to my deary monkey! Since im so free im gonna update u bout the hostel now. kekeke

For ur guys information i had just moved in to the hostel few days ago. Despite all the uncertainty it's counted good as a college hostel in malaysia. Ready for a site visit? :)
Well, the building is 6 storeys high, with a basement carpark. The building is containing student hostel, hotel, shop lots, gym, swimming pool and also cafeteria. For now it's 60% done i guess. Nothing are ready-to-use accept for hostel. The odours r everywhere which is kinda annoying. Imagine everyday when u wake up, u can smell the odour of the paint n stuff. Eww

So i've taken the single room w/o attached bathroom. The price is Rm760 per month. It is abit crazy compare with those that i have rent last time. But if u recalculate everything, esp the deposits and the tranportation cost and time, it's ok for me.
Lets check out the pics.

This is the built-in closet of the room with the drawers inside. Its big, and stylist.Love it
Rating: 5/5

Thats the study table which is also built-in, grey in color and its big enough to put all my stuff!
Bad: No lockers

The floor that is painted cement (i guess)haha. it not that nice since its hard to clean n u will feel itchy if ur foot had a long contact with it.
Rating: 2/5

This is the Aesthetic of room and bed. I love it as it has some sort of hotel feeling, n the bed is comfortable. The air-cond is cool enough which has a built-in remote. LOVin' it

the hanging drawer. it's a perfection of combination with green. cool!
Rating: 5/5

Oh. Guess whats this? The scene u look out from the window. Im so angry with it but i can do nothing with it. BLame the architect
Rating: 0/5

So thats all about the room. u can found few colors in the room, which is grey, white n green only. Its nice aesthetically. For the size, its small but still ok-ok la. Overall, i will give 4/5 for the room, concerning about the worthy of the rent i paid.
Next trip: the unit

So that's the living room combining with the kitchen. It has standard, which everything is really NEW. Accept that they didnt provide the water purifier and stove. Overall is ok.
Rating: 3/5

Thats the corridor within rooms. the lights are so so bright. it even hurts ur eyes
P/S:I got 4 blacks housemates and 1 korean. Dunno how to mix with them
Rating: 2/5

Bathroom containing two shower rooms n two washrooms. Its bad cos the window is just facing the corridor outside. Isnt it look like a public toilet to u?
Rating: 1/5

This even funny. Why they need this in the unit? It's like we dont know where to find the exit. its just a wastage of money!
Rating: A BIG 0/5

THere's the corridor outside and the walkway between units. Its overall ok
Rating: 3/5

So far, isit ok to u? Last part, the building:

The lift. Each of the students need to take two lifts, one is to go to the entrance to scan the card n go into the block. Another one is to go to ur particular floors. Isnt it so irritating? ==
Rating: 2/5

Look-up view when u walk along the corridor

The nice installment at the entrance.

the nightview of the building

I think im satisfied about the hostel. It's not too bad. But its incovienient that the house is without washing machine. N they should open some lots earlier to provide basics neccesity to the student.I so gonna go to the gym in the building to start burning fats. Ahh the post is abit dragging. Look for the prt2, i will talk about the facilities here when it's done. Ciao!


Lydia♥♈ said...

wow..great post you wrote there..pretty much covered everything in the hostel..haha..the overall room is not bad oh, duckie..just that, how do you bath in common bathroom? i have to learn this too..trying to figure it out in a month..haha..since i'm going to be in that situation in september..

and how come no washing machine????? how do you wash your clothes then? or duckie no need to wear donald duck..haha

TuCK said...

haha i took about 2 hours to post everything! N snap here n there wuahahahaa..
actually i had experienced common bathroom since im in subang. so i think is ok la just hate those who like to dirty the place. yea i cant wait for ur post! Damn, u know what? monday wednesday n friday there are people from laundry shop come n collect from u if u want. 50kg for RM60..its abit inconvienient la.. i dont like it ==

Lydia♥♈ said... you bring your shampoo, soap, and everything back and forth everytime you want to bath? can reach 50kg at one time..haha..but you have to do it that way right? else, handwash in toilet.. :p

TuCK said...

Yeayea bring in and outlo.. but then u can also choose to leave it inside the toilet la. but scare that people might use it.
Haiz, i dunno how to answer u why they dont provide.. maybe they dont have enough pipes? HAHA
i think im gonna visit subang one day for dobi..whoohoo

Anonymous said...

is it possible to share room with others so that it would be cheaper?

TuCK said...

Nope. that will be considered as sharing room. But definitely cheaper than this kind of single room

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