August 13, 2010


Hey guys! Finally i got my time to update this which it was like, a month ago? I had my very first food marathon during my semester breakb n im glad to introduce all the nice food in my hometown, IPOH!
Yup its all 5 stars street food, main dishes and desserts. ChooiLian, my company of the day n she's freaking full that day! Well, it's not included every food in ipoh. But mostly we covered up the breakfast and the lunch. N unfortunately we got some shop closed that day.
OK, lets start to make ur stomach sound!


Our first destination was the FaiKee Noodle store. The famous fascinating fish noodle, seafood n stuff are all here!

Evaporated Milk Fish Meat Noodle
OMG i tell you the meat is really fresh n juicy! When u bite it, u can feel the true freshness of all time.
Price: RM6.00

Restoran Fai Kee
28, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel No : 012-454 6111 (Lee Wah Woh)
Business Hours : 6.30am until 4.00pm daily
Closes for three days every month, but not fixed.
Rating: 5stars!

Next stop, nevertheless the well-known IPOH OLDTOWN:

The total addictive drink ever: original OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE

Egg tart (watchout for ur saliva dude)

fishballs- bouncy like ping-pong ball !

xiumai- prawn dimsum. simply irresistible

Price: less than Rm10.00 for all the above
Restaurant Nam Heong / Nam Heong White Coffee.
2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 3000 Ipoh
Business Hour: 6am - 6pm.

It's time for some chicken rice:

Thats the famous chicken rice shop ever in Ipoh bandaraya. Truely you can taste the fabulos ever roasted chicken ever in the town. N the butter rice, smooth and delicious. They serve steamed chicken as well.
Another 5stars dish!

Every plate of chicken rice is perfect.
Price: from Rm2.80 to RM5.00 (depends on which chicken parts u ordered)
The map below could lead u to the restaurant:

Aah.. frankly we're quite fulled after all the food we consumed. NExt, dessert time:

This is a must-try dessert for any outstation dudes. SOYA BEAN, TauFuFa. It's so famous until u can goggle it. It's just a small half-a shop but still they got bunch of loyal customers. I suggest them to make a drive-thru since people prefer eat in the car, n the place of jammed becoz of this. HAHA
A five stars dessert! Cheap like hell. RM0.80 for each soya bean n taufufa.
Funny Mountain Soya Bean (奇峰豆腐花)
49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh
10:30am until sold out!

Next stop will be the famous XIuPao in Ipoh. ALthough its from Fu Rong, but the taste is comparable. Heres some temptations for u!

Freshly Baked Siew Pow

RM1.30 each
:Sorry no further info for this, but it located at same row with KFC which opposite Ocean in town.

At last we asked for stop to avoid LAO SAI. haha.. well we went for k-session before our last trip to the famous Laksa n Young Tau Fu place in Pasir Pinji.

It's basically a hawker centre under a big tree. thats where the stall got his name from. Woo Hoo

MUST TRY: the laksa of course, and the mega-size yongtaufu. Believe me u will ask for more! But the place is kinda hot and stuffy. Donot wear sweaters and stuff when u wanna go.

Pasir Pinji Big Tree YongTaoFu (兵如港大树脚釀豆腐)
Restaurant/Stall location: Ipoh Pasir Pinji same row with Tek Kee restaurant (怡保兵如港大树脚)
Opening hour: donot fixed

At last, we accomplished our task for the day. Well we missed the dinner part due to heavy time consumption. But guys, sure theres a part2 next time n we r looking for companions. Well more people in the marathon sure it will be more fun.
Anyone wanna join can just contact me 0k!
Part 2 featuring: BeanSprout Chicken, Heong Phin, Fish ball noodles, Tong Sui Gai, Popiah, N curry mee!


Wei Han said...

lovez it.

TuCK said...

Haha thanks man!Glad to know u love it :D

Sandra Soh said...

OMG. Food =S you must bring me to ipoh for food when i back in msia k?

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