November 05, 2009

War is ON- Bad day of relax, good day for stress

Haha.. so random..

I was freaking out with the errors in hypothesis testing in library.


Arrgghh.. is the last part of syllabus but somehow is so hard to understand!
Someone please help me!*

Business preparation- just started
Econs paper1- half way
Econs paper4- half half way
Econs paper 3- one quarter only

Die hard..
this is what will happen to you when u have intensive exams on a week
everything jumbled up, and it's like living in a world with No AIR
Cant resists to do anything well..
But still
im so gonna die hard next week
either is doing badly.. or too stressed
Everything is on. Going to the max

Just can say to myself..
please jia you*

TUCK is just expressing stress..

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