November 03, 2009

War is ON- Economic 22 down

Well, i've just finished my Econs Paper2.
This was a fully prepared war, for the 2nd time it was far better than the 1st time. But somehow, i don't feel that satisfied with my performance is question 4b.
All is about time lagging. I was just enough time to write out a not-a-fantastic answer script but i think is just fine. 12 marks for something that is normal. Hopefully i can score this paper
Well, dreaming about the day that it remains fewer to the 4 continuous war next weeek. i was far so scare that i couldnt manage well, especially Sleepness? It's wat happen to me this morning
I sleep in 2am n planned to have 4hours rest till 6am.
But it turned up 2hours sleep till 4am in the morning. Mayb i was too worried about it. I cant go into sleep but still, i tried.
Arrggh.. sometimes it is a disaster for me. Mayb i was doing the paper slowly just bcos of this.
Blame no ones.
Just hoping that i can get what i desired. Hoping all my efforts are not spent in the way it wasted. Amitabha. Please bless me.
Tuck is in a downfall mood**
Hoping for cheers.

Arggh.. suppose to go for nose-bleeding movie the 'Jennifer's body' today, but ended up not going

Well.. time for some maths.. ciao ppl

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