November 20, 2009

War is OFF-Im survived with the war!

today finnaly done with all the papers in A2. The last paper is Economic 32, the mcq questions.. mm.. looks hard but still is do-able. So no worries.
Just hope that on 25th january is a blessing day.
guess what. Im finally done with Alevels, which is totally finished everything!
No more taylors, no more classes, no more papers. Whee

After 1and a half years of studying in taylors, now everything is ended. Feel so great.
Yea life has to move on, now is time to decide my tertiary prgramme. N yes, It's holiday now! Wweeee~
1st thing to do today will be the Emerge later and tomorow will be going Genting for the class trip. So nice man.. ooo ..
No more economics too~ haha
gtg dy

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