November 20, 2009

Emerge Rising 2009

Started with: Tonite's gonna be a good good nite
Venue: Sunway Convention Centre
Time:8.10pm to 11something

This was my second time to go Emerge KL. No doubt it was a blast.
Had porridge in Asia Avenue before going in with Samson, Kenny and another guy. They came all the way from ipoh to subang just for the 3days event. Semangat~

ONce again i feel like im being in a concert. Haha.. i like all the songs again and oso the school parade. But too bad no more beatboxing this year. N the beatbox class, sounds nice huh. Rm50.. too expensive wei..

one of the performer- Xiao Kang

Well, this time compare to the 1st time going i feel the difference. The 1st time going, is like, what is this? and yet i dont get the point of the function n treat it as something entertaining.
But now, i think i can think further than that. well, is something weird to b there when u see people's pray for their God, but then u r not actually have the same religion as them. But what i could have learn is, understand more about Christianity. No doubt, for Bible to Pray in Tongue. I had better understanding for all this.
Dr.Kong the paster had share his story and past knowledge to everyone in the hall
He taught me: Dream
There are 3 things to have in ur dream: God's will, Talent, and People's want.
Dream have both good n bad. It's not neccesary to be the same everytime but time to time, you will know what's dream is for you. GOd delivered different gifts to different people.
This is something i learnt for the day. Hope i have not type anything mistakes but still, i think is good to have God to accompany. But somehow, i would have think, why Christianity can be like, following the changes on earth and trend. Time to time, they changed. But for my Buddism, it never change. Maybe its due to the nature of the religion? I dont know.

From my name YeanTuck, in Chinese, there is a meaningful word behind it. I should become what it suits the name.

Emerge Rising 2009 Grandly opened.
May going to their finale too

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