November 23, 2009


Thats the only thing i did yesterday. Buahahaa. Holiday is like that gela, don;t u think? Too free. Until u sleep oso dont want to wake up. Cos wake up oso dunno what to do. Buahahaha.

Today started the day on 1something. Was doing nothing other than staring the laptop. Bleach and Facebook. N now, blogging. Haha..

Well, today was my last time playing pool with Lydia Terisno. Was delighted when she brought me some thousand layer cakes and mango. Tried one slide.. quite nice though. Tomorow will eat it with coffee.. haha.. And the mango. smells good and damn BIG wei.. dunno nice to eat onot. Too bad i have no knife here in subang. GOnna bring back ipoh and share with family..

Super big size mango from Indonesia ^^

Thousand Layer cake. ''Terima Kasih''

The pool with 6games. Tuck VS Terisno .. the result is 4wins 2lose. HAHA!! At last i won her. That was closed for few games to see whos the one who hit the 8 into the holes. Haha.. Had fun with her for the last time. N she is drinking beer and pretending with one slices of lemon on the glass. Buahahaha
After that we went the AliBaba Mamak to have something to eat n chat. Haha we had some nice food there, esp the green colour mutton curry. Not too spicy and the meat is not too hard. But the naan ma-ma dei lol.
So headed back home in a small rain drops. It will be last time walking back with Lydia. Hope she will keep the memories in Subang wherever she is in the future la.
Gonna meet her for the last time in friday. T.T
Gtg la.. Bleach session continues**

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