November 22, 2009


Haha. Plan on goin. TOday is Sunday! (so what?) Yea nothing to do today. Was planing to go for EMERGE RISING the finale but then ended up not going. Mm just some problem personally so prefer not to be revealed here.

Oh so, too free today. No plans by the way. Should be now somewhere in genting but it didnt happen. N should be preparing myself for the part time job as a helper in some sort of book fair, but ended up taken by some other ppl. Oh well, nevermind. PLan other things to do.

BACK TO BASIS for my small little stuffy room. As usual, Cleaning, moping, packing, laundry, everything. Worst part is to clean all the dusty notes under the bed. Also, rearrange everyhing back to how it looks initially since im leaving soon. Have to put everything look exactly the same like how it looks before i came in. It took me 4-5hours to done everything. Funny part is, at the end of the cleaning, i packed 6 fulled garbage! Walao~ Cant imagine i live with them for like few months dy.. really scary.. imagine it.. ahh dirty little duck.

Kinda exhausted after everything is done. But it's always the best when u see ur urself done everything and made everything so nice, clean and tidy. Highly satisfied. Buahahaha..

Tomorow try to get myself busy again. Need to start applying unis, and oso pay the bills that i havent clear yet.. mm maybe pool? Depends on Terisno la. If she is free then go.. beat her for the last time.. haha..

Is to enjoy after all the work, Espresso Cheesecake and Oldtown white coffee. I just cant resist. F'ing nice!!

KK... done. Gonna sleep soon. Ciao guys ^^

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