November 10, 2009

War is ON- Super Panic Day tomorow

Hello~ Report report
Just finished my econs paper1 5mins ago. It was a do-able paper n quite confidence though.
I managed to do twice for all questions. Hopefully can score this paper la.
Well due to the privacy of the paper, as some of the candidates in the other part of the world still havent take the exam yet.

Ok back to the topic.
Yea right it is a damn panic day for me. This paper is the hardest paper for me in Alevel. yet, im still not 100% ready for it.. Just simply too much stuff to read n learn in 6months. It's far not enough ok? Haiz..
Well.. i will still still do my very best for it! I want to win the war instead!
Mmm.. hopefully.. the question wont be hard.
Pray hard..
Please God, give me some strength to do the exam tomorow.
2hours n 15min for 4essays and 1 data response with 6questions. Gosh
Hopefully, is do-able and time is enough for me
K la.
Report over.
*gone study*

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