November 19, 2009

War is ON- More pains in the internal war

These days im suffering some stress.. something which is out of the war but still is so unexpected to happen.
Something that is so simple can be accelerate into so bad situation indeed. Im so surprised. But then is reasonable to happen. Maybe just that, we r still so childish and dont have the human sense to be calm or, care peoples feeling on both way. Why ah.. is it unmature to argue something like that? Just a small stuff n
AFFECTING FRIENDSHIP? do u think it is worthwhile?

Well, names are not to be revealed to avoid any worse cases. I was once again dissappointed and yet sad from what i received in sms. Some just mentioned it like, sarcarsm? i dun no.. Seems apology doesnt really work.

Come on, let us to be more like an adult. Dont argue about this anymore ok
I dont want to lose anyone anything becos of this.
Please, think again.
What u did to us

Arghh.. tomorow last paper for A2 at 1pm.. all the best to everbody FOR THE LAST TIME

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