November 15, 2009


YoungKL Singers (YKLS) is back on act after Australian Week and the Kaki Blue~

YEa u guess it, is this team of people from different places and background, came together once again bringing you their production in 2009- The Rhythmic Roots!

In case you guys dont know what isit.. simply click the site below to see the event information or else, explore Young Choral Academy! ^^ (yea right suppose to wrote it myself but simply found it wasting time since i will copy and paste it only haha)

Well, it was pretty awesome! Really sense how they work together as a team bringing every song to the max aura. Yea once again Artistic Director Joe Hasham, my dearest musical director Mrs. Sussana Saw was playing piano over there.
HOW DESPERATE i m to perform with them on the stage once again. I was really happy with all of them n yea, is so cool that can learn how to sing without a conductor! HAHA! but too bad, they are alot of members leave the choir(just like me XP) for their studies n stuff.. As so fewer people in the gang dy .. aah i really hope to go back if i got the chance.

Lets talk about the Actors Studio in Lot10. WOW, it was damn cool !! Ouch yea it was my 1st time going there (lot10 virgin instead) N it surprised me that it looks really another dimension when u compare the shopping mall on those floors down there n this 'foreign feel' on the 8th floor. This is it ACTORS STUDIO! Aiiks i missed a chance to perform here. Gosh.~ T^T

Aiya.. dont care la.. m now thinking should join back the family, and they r going China next year for competition! WOW SOUNDS SO SO NICE MAN! I wanna join but dunno then must plan my further study 1sst. It will be fun and great experience to go there n meet different people, share things and explore the place.. aaah i wanna go go go go sing sing sing XD
OK here so pics for the day~ ENJOY ^^

Me Carol and Joyce.. More pics to be uploaded when i got the pics.

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