November 12, 2009

War is ON- Satisfied Economics Paper4

Wow.. this time i was really did in a very nice way of essays.
Firstly, i did all questions
Secondly, i know all the answer in section B
Thirdly, i do all questions on time.

So nice! I have never achieve satisfaction from econs paper4 before right until today siting. I was so scare to take it since it was the hardest paper for me in A2. I thought i can never achieve high grades for econs just because im not good in time managing n stuff.
But at the end, after all the preparations have been done. It come out something that made me self-esteem kinda high. haha
So now, getting an A for Econs of overall in Alevel might be certain if my paper2 can get high marks too. Today was really awesome la.. hahaha 3essays did in less than 2hours, 1 four pages, 1 two pages and 1 was three pages. Plus remaining time for data response and it's do-able.
HAHA .. i was happy .. right until went for Jennifer's Body right away after the exam. And certainly it was so nicce! I mean yea many ppl say it wasnt tat good, but still i think is nice.

Thank God for everything. HOpefully on 25th Jan will come out something satisfising too..
Im now at IpoH
Was way surprised when my mum told me about the stalkers and what they did to me infront my dad .. perhaps.. So childish. They arent caring is already a big question marks. n now, for the sake of manner, pls respect me la. WHAT THE FUCK U WANNA BRING ALL THE STUFF IN FACEBOOK RIGHT TO OUR PARENT. Please be more like a person that i can respect too.
I aint pissed since i have used to it.
But i wasnt feel any fairness since it was not as what u said comparing the real issue.

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